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Information for visiting Brothers:

This page contains informations in English for all persons interested in Freemasonry in Friedberg, but especially of course for our visiting brothers from all over the world.

Freemasonry is global and so one of the foremost pleasures of beeing a part of it, is the opportunity to meet up with brethren in various countries while you travel around. So if you’re a Mason and visiting Friedberg for what ever reason, you’ll almost always have a good chance to meet up with you’re german brothers in the lodge to socialize or attend a regular meeting. We’re definitly looking forward to meet you.

Our lodge „Ludwig zu den Drei Sternen“ #375 (engl.:“Ludwig to the Three Stars“) gathers every week–once a month, there is a regular meeting, mostly in the 1°. The lodge is closed during july and august. You’re always encouraged to contact the brother secretary in advance of your visit. He will provide you with informations about the schedule, upcoming events and procedures in open lodge.

About our lodge:

„Ludwig zu den drei Sternen“ is a successor to „Rudolph zu den drey Schwanen“. In sum total freemasonry in Friedberg (Hessen) has a history of not less than 235 years (2012). The present lodge was founded in 1862. It is by all means to be considered „regular“ and therefor a member of the „Großloge der Alten Freien und Angenommenen Maurer von Deutschland e.V.“ (AF&AM) in Germany under jurisdiction of the United Grand Loge of Germany.

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 Ludwig zu den drei Sternen
 Ludwigstraße 30
 61169 Friedberg 

Important masonic terms in German with English translation: